CHM Mechanical is one of California’s largest refrigeration contractors offering 24/7/365 regular and emergency service for our valued clients throughout California. Our highly trained service technicians offer extensive knowledge for all types of refrigeration and HVAC systems from all manufacturers. From display cases and walk-in coolers/freezers, to full secondary coolant glycol systems, our experienced technicians work to maintain and repair as required to keep all in optimum operating condition.

A sample of our current refrigeration and HVAC system types that we service include among others: Retail Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Specialty Food Stores, Drug and Dollar Stores, Wineries, Distribution Facilities, Cold Storage Facilities, Bakeries, Processing Plants and Restaurants.

The CHM Mechanical team is prepared to partner with you to perform in depth evaluations of your existing refrigeration systems to determine current conditions and  to recommend improvements that will help reduce operating costs. Once we get your system into the best operating condition, CHM Mechanical offers a variety of preventative maintenance service programs that are specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of each location.

Please contact CHM Mechanical at 866-554-1179 or by E-Mail at: